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Top 5 Astrologers in Bengaluru – Most people know that a force—divine or otherwise—rules the universe and influences their daily lives. Most people on Earth believe in some influence on our fate of planets and stars, despite the fact that a small minority may not believe in these effects.

Sai Balaji Anugraha Astrology
Sri Sai Upasak Astrologer in Bengaluru
Debraj Acharya
Shri Shivaramakrishnan S Astrologer in Bengaluru


In Bangalore, there is a famous astrology counseling center called Sai Balaji Anugrah Jyotish. They provide guaranteed on-time labor and a complete, quick solution to all your business, family and love marriage concerns. Gopalkrishna is an astrologer who provides successful solutions to your problems. They are experts in solving business challenges and help many businesses with their issues. Shree Sai Balaji Astrocenter provides round the clock phone astrology consultation in six languages. There is no additional charge when you make a reservation through their website. The locations of the offices of Sai Balaji Anugrah Astrology include Bangalore, Indiranagar, Mumbai, Rajajinagar and Vijayanagar. Get in touch with one of the top astrologers in Bangalore for quick and easy 99% solutions to all your life problems. For astrological services, Sai Balaji Anugrah Jyotish is a reliable and honest place.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

One of Bengaluru's well-known astrology centres, Sri Sai Upasak Astrology assists individuals with "Kundli and horoscope readings." They provide information and cures in a clear, concise, and useful way. The Panditji has over 40 years of astrological and Vastu-Shastra experience. He specialises in finding solutions to issues pertaining to careers and education. The astrologer offers you some of the most potent remedies to your difficulties and gives you the essential individualised attention for your problems. Top spiritual, well-known astrology remedies are offered by Sri Sai Upasak Astrology for astrological issues. They assist you and bring colours of happiness back into your lives if you need comprehensive astrology consultation for all of your questions. Sri Sai worshiper astrology has the psychic ability to conquer the pain and misery of the world in every possible way manner.                                                                     


Jagannath is one of the famous astrologers of Bangalore. He gives astrology consultation at Sai Jagannath Jyotish. He is a spiritual healer and has been providing astrology consultation for over 25 years. He provides a genuine range of astrological consultations along with an important prediction of important events of your life. He helps you to make accurate predictions of the future with his astrological knowledge. Jagannath gives positive astrology counseling, remedial solutions, suggestions based on many aspects of everyone's life, even finance, health, career, marriage and much more. He provides 100% effective and guaranteed solutions for all the problems of your life. They have over 1 million happy customers across India, and you can get accurate predictions and get answers to all your issues.                                         

Smt. Belle comes from a well-known line of astrologers. She was passionate about astrology and pursued a master's degree in astrology from a reputable institution. This well-known astrologer is a numerology gold medalist. She also holds a certification in gemology. Making everyone's life better and happier is her main motivation for pursuing this vocation.

Smt. Shanta Belle provides precise predictions and readings. She also advises her many clients to take quick corrective action in the event of planetary calamities to get through difficult times. She gives her knowledge in the areas of Ashtakavarga, Vaastu, Vedic Astrology, and K P Astrology. This renowned astrologer has 18 years of experience in the field.

Buxaran Jothida Kalaratna Mr. Sivaramakrishnan S had an early interest in the occult sciences due to the influence of his late father Late Shri. M Sudharsen. He made astrology his full time profession. He earned his master's degree at Anna University after completing his bachelor's degree in civil engineering.

This famous astrologer understood that Baskaran astrology (KB system) technique was founded on sound scientific basis. He studied Bhaskaran astrology directly with the renowned creator, Shri. Tilak K. Bhaskaran. This renowned astrologer, who follows a Bhaskaran system, provides comprehensive forecasts on matters related to health, longevity, love, relationships, marriage, career, finance and business. His areas of expertise are Bhaskaran system and KP astrology. He gives accurate predictions, such as for Dasha Bookie, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. They base their predictions on Prasanna (Horror) astrology, to provide specific information for customers with no birth chart. He is a pro in numerology which is based on astrology. 

Online Astrologers In Bengaluru

One of the most famous and widely used systems of astrology in the nation is Indian astrology, or better still, Hindu astrology. Vedas are the basis of Hindu astrology. Hindus firmly believe that the alignment and movement of the planets at the time of birth has an effect on our lives and is due to our past karma. Our life is governed by the Navagrahas (planetary systems), which are associated with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Hindu astrology is widely practiced by astrologers all over India. Most of them have in-depth knowledge of the subject and are familiar with Hindu scriptures, which enables them to make accurate readings and forecasts. They also help people with problems by giving them guidance and taking corrective actions that can help them get through challenging times in life.
We bring to you top Bangalore astrologers from across the country who are recognized authorities in their fields. Top 10 astrologers in Bangalore are listed here.

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