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Be Career Ready: Vedic Astrology Suggests the Right Stream for You

Priyanka Mittal
July 25, 2022

Decisions are hard, and decisions related to careers are harder. Choosing the field, or switching it, is quite perturbing for an individual. The right career is important as it not pays your bills but keeps you contended. But how can you understand that? What if you are destined to be a lecturer but are busy struggling in the sales department? What if you are born to lead an empire but are interning in a corporate house? You are destined for everything in life and this does not change when it comes to your career. The right career choice will help you excel professionally and personally.


So, how does Vedic Astrology help here?


Dropping out of college, and starting a new business is a lot more common these days.Most people realize it years after struggling to maintain professional sanity. People come to their senses by discerning they are made for other ventures in life. Sometimes, some situations make them discover their skills and innate preferences. This makes them change their stream or career. However, for some, it is too late to explore new options.

Vedic Astrology helps you understand your potential and guide you accordingly. There will always be some fields you will naturally incline towards. But due to societal norms or pressure one tends to opt for different streams; which does not work in their favour. When you consult the best Vedic astrologer in India, you open doors to a safe and secured future.


Best stream/subject based on your Ascendant sign



Fiery sign Aries makes the native naturally competitive, they are always ready to take on the world. Being an Aries ascendant sign makes you bold, despite your moon or sun sign. There is a sense of fearlessness in them, making them naturally valiant. So whether you are a Libra sun sign, the Aries ascendant sign will always have an influence over your personality. You will always be recognized for your forward personality and most appreciated for your audacious aura.

Mars is the ruling planet of your ascendant sign. This fills you with boundless energy and as long as the flame within you is ignited, you will be determined to always excel. Aries can do exceptionally well in the fields of real estate, hardware, spare parts, sports, research, and defence. If the planets in your birth chart are positioned in a favourable condition, you can, without a doubt, become a commanding officer in a reputed government sector.


Proudly materialistic, Taureans know they like good things in life.  They work consistently and passionately work for their goals. Taureans are exceptionally great at strategizing, organizing, and planning. Taureans appreciate security and stability, and therefore, will not mind routine jobs. However, a high-paying career that aligns with their personal goals will help them perform better.

Therefore, a career in the banking or advertising field will give them the right amount of comfort and luxury. Speaking of luxury, they can even begin their business ventures in affluent items such as jewellery, perfumes, gemstones, and high-end cosmetics and accessories.



Geminis have a natural flair for communication. They are known for their socializing skills and they use them to their advantage. Geminis are air signs with super adaptive energies. So, while people think they are being sociable, they are naturally talking tactfully. Their curious minds are always drawn toward knowledge and intellectual talks.

Geminis are governed by Mercury which is naturally inclined towards creative fields as well. As mentioned before, they are adaptive and excellent communicators by nature.This makes journalists, writers, editors, counsellors, teachers, novelists, and songwriters amazing professions for you.


Caring and nurturing, Cancerians are governed by the moon. They have a gentle nature and connect with people quite easily. On the emotional front, they can be fragile, intuitive, and empathetic. However, during the most crucial and challenging times, they are known to find the best solutions. this is where their sensitivity comes to play in the strongest ways.

So, if you are a cancer ascendant, you are capable of excelling in several fields like marine sciences, farming, teaching, human resources, and hospitality. Cancerians are natural counsellors, and therefore human psychology is another great field to try.


The true leaders of all zodiac signs, Leos are ruled by the mighty Sun.  They may not always be from an aristocratic background but they sure give away major royal energy. Their dynamic personality is hard not to notice. But that does not make them arrogant, instead, they have an amicable nature. Leo ascendants have a leadership quality hidden within. Once they unveil and unleash it, they can venture into quite interesting career fields.

The most favourable professions for them are in the photography industry, hotel industry, and fashion industry. Leos, aside from their creative side, have a zest for everything high-profile. This is why they are suggested to always try their hands in top government positions once. Staying in the loop with international relations and politics will work in their favour.


Virgos probably are the only signs who have a clear idea of what they want to do in their life. Virgo ascendants are born with an insight that keeps them sorted. Regardless of what they choose to do, they are confident in their decisions. They have a sense of determination and perfectionism in what they do. This is why they should go for career fields that require logical abilities and attention to minute details.

Virgo ascendants must opt for career fields that are related to psychology, astrology, editing, banking, and business consultancy.


Librans will probably charm their way through any possible situation. They are capable of turning any situation in their favour. Despite their flexibility and interest in several things, they know how to strike a balance. This is where their adaptable nature comes to play. Libra ascendants make great diplomats so any sector that involves public relations, will be great for them.

Other than that, they will fare well in sales and marketing, insurance, and law. Ruled by Venus, they have the knack for materialistic pleasures as well. Therefore, they can try creative fields like arts, cinema, dance, handicrafts, and jewels.


Scorpio ascendants are an enigma, no one can ever get into their minds. They are definitely a book with a beautiful cover, but a tightly-sealed one. They are secretly idealistic people who appear to be calm as the water sign. But on the inside, the fiery mars takes over which makes them impulsive. They are strong yet emotional people who dare to always stand out. They are excellent decision-makers and can take a secret to the grave.

Scorpios are the signs that rely on their intuitions but would never make a decision in haste. This makes them capable of being great civil servants or international leaders.It is tough to crack a Scorpio but it is quite easy for them to unveil the truth. This is because they are known for their excellent research skills. This makes the mining industry, archelogy, research field, metal industry, paranormal science, and astrology suitable for them.



Coming down to the stark opposite of highly reserved Scorpios, there is the over-optimistic Sagittarius. They are curious minds that love adventure. Given their humility and positive nature, they also have a sense of philosophy in them. This comes from the blessings of the mighty Jupiter governing them. This makes them independent and appreciates freedom. Routine life might bore them and they are not the kind of people who will settle for mundane, day-in and out jobs. Surprisingly, their thirst for knowledge makes them excellent teachers. They will end up moulding the teaching job as per their personality and in turn, make learning fun.

Other than teaching, any profession requires one to travel and explore the world. They work with honesty and loyalty, making them ideal candidates for social services and charitable institutions.


The most hardworking sign of all zodiac signs, Capricorns have an integral and responsible personality. This makes them highly reliable and worth the prestige they garner. Saturn being the ruler makes Capricorn practical and focused. Their cautious approach paves the way for their success. This journey to prosperity might be slow but Saturn’s power makes them consistent which makes success- worth the wait.

Capricorn ascendants make the most lucrative careers in civil engineering, share market, event management, agriculture, structural field, and forestry.



A good combination of intellect and optimism, aquarian ascendants are independent natives who have a humanitarian heart. They are born with wisdom and wit that makes them level-headed. This makes them the ideal candidate for tough decision-making. Aquarian ascendants are self-reliant, smart, calm, and optimistic. But they are not the kind of people who would go with the flow. They use their analytical mind and make their mind up. Society perceives them as loners but they are mostly on the lookout for like-minded companies. They are more easy-going than they appear to be.

Aquarians can make great counsellors, consultants, educationists, and teachers. Their innate personality requires them to try their hand in research & development, astrology, intelligence bureau, and administration.



Pisces is governed by Jupiter, making them highly intuitive. They are highly sympathetic, creative, flexible, and adaptable. They make great friends and well-wishers. They are visionaries who are emotionally aware of most things. They have a gracious nature and make sure that people around them are at ease and at peace. They will go to great lengths to help people in need and make their lives easier. They are quite imaginative and artsy, making them highly creative people. Pisces ascendants make sure that there is solace and happiness around people close to them.

This makes them ideal for career fields such as religious book publication, real estate, hardware, medicine, navy, shipping, chemicals, and oil.

What are the Vedic Astrological factors that influence your Career?


While you may correlate with the traits of your ascendant sign mentioned above, there are other factors that come into play. These factors influence your professional life and therefore, you must look out for other elements that affect your career. Take a look-

  • Your Lagnesh plays an important role when it comes to deciding your career. For instance, you are Aries ascendant, which makes Mars your Lagnesh. This means, its placement remains a significant factor when it comes to your career. And any planetary influence, combination, or conjunction that affects Mars will reflect on your professional life. Still, your career path should align with the nature of your Lagna lord.
  • The second house also matters a lot when it comes to choosing a profession. The second house represents the family. This is relevant here as a family and their opinions matter a lot when deciding on a career path.
  • The seventh house not only decides your marital life but also your career. It is the house of partnerships, making it important for you to know whether you can handle professional bonds or not. The fate of business partnerships is decided through this house.
  • It is often said that the 10th house is the ultimate deciding factor for a career. But it is actually among the major factors to know more about your career. Still, it is an important factor in this case.


Your career is not just the bread and butter of your life. It adds prestige to your life and teaches you many things in life. It is one thing to get a job, but it is a tremendous feeling to land the job of your dreams. Your professional life is no different from the journey you have undertaken.  This way you must only prefer the field that is meant for you.

Vedic astrology believes in doing what you love. Consulting an experienced Vedic astrologer will help you discover your talents and skills. Your birth chart will show you your calibre and potential to perform your best in life. This way your energy is focused solely on aspects that are essential for you.

About Author:

Priyanka Mittal, owner of Foresight by Priyanka, is one of the top Vedic Astrologers in India.

Whether it is a love affair, marriage, career or other issues, she is highly competent to help you overcome all problems with efficient horoscope prediction and remedies. With her 15 years’ experience in “Vedic Astrology” she has helped clients in their mental growth and provided them with right guidance.


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